new samsung smartphone

The new Samsung smartphone is Samsung Galaxy A35 launch as soon soon. The Samsung is not give any date. Before that, a number of leaks and rumours regarding the  Samsung smartphone have already came out, The revealing very important facts along with a few other details, including a live image of the device. The Samsung known as own unique features.
This is all the information we currently know about Samsung’s next mid-range smartphone. Online like Amazon, Ali express and its official available as soon as possible.

The new Samsung smartphone about

The Samsung  are claims in this smartphone that the Exynos 1380 chipset, produced by Samsung, would power the Galaxy A35. It is anticipated that the phone would have numerous storage options and up to 8GB of RAM.
It is also expected that the smartphone will have a 450 pixel-per-inch and the resolution display.
As of late, Samsung has been releasing there own software upgrades rather quickly, and they  many of its previously released phones are already running the most recent version of the Android 14 operating system are available in this phone, which is built on One UI 6.0 in this given.

The Samsung new phone coming with the Android 14 based on One UI 6.0, if not One UI 6.1 feature. we  have also expect the in this smartphone to be backed by 5000mAh battery with at least 25W fast charging support which make more unique from other phone.

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